Tuesday, March 19

Classic Film Review: Singin' in the Rain

Singing in the Rain, released in 1952, is a magnificent film that showcases the brilliant talents of Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds while showing the transition from silent films to talkies with unforgettable songs.
As a lover of musicals I couldn't believe that I hadn't seen this classic film already. Singin' in the Rain incorporates many aspects of film genres into its story. There is romance, comedy, drama, spectacle, showstopping dance numbers, and top notch musical songs. The sets were brilliant as fas as 1952 technology goes and only enhanced the narrative. The film is very light hearted and upbeat throughout. It was hard to keep my eyes off of the screen. Gene Kelly, in this one movie, proved to me why he has legendary status when it comes to singing and dancing. His performance of the film's title song, "Singin' in the Rain" is just pure movie magic. The production of that scene is extremely well done. His character was just so happy and carefree after his kiss with Debbie Reynolds that he didn't even care that it was raining and I believed that emotion. Gene Kelly just drew me in to his performance and as he splashed and gallavanted through the rain I had a smile on my face through the whole song. That moment is just so relatable and although many people would never act that way it is certain that they feel that way on the inside. Donald O'Connor also had his scene stealing moment with his daring acrobatic, stunt riddled song, "Make 'em Laugh." That song and scene was my favorite from the film because it was such an accomplishment for everyone involved in pulling it off. It seemed to essentially be one continuous take with small cuts in between but the editing was extremely smooth and you can't tell that there was a cut if you did not see it. The choreography is spot on. Everything from the people working in the background was timed perfectly and made the scene that much more special.
With a 100% fresh rating on rottontomatoes.com, Singin' in the Rain is universally loved especially by critics. Mark Bourne from Film.com likens the film to "...the Taj Mahal, Armstrong's footprint on the moon, the 2001 Arizona - New York World Series, the Clash's London Calling, and the perfect foamy head on an expertly poured Guinness." I definitely do agree with him. I also agree with Dave Kehr from the Chicago Reader who calls the film, "One of the shining glories of the Americann musical."  
If you have never seen this film you should, right now! Check out the trailer below:

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