Friday, October 11

My Top 10 Films of the Year List…so far

Taking a page from my favorite director, Quentin Tarantino, I have decided to give my favorite 10-ish films from the first 9 and a half months of 2013. It has been a pretty good year so far and it was a bit tough finding a top 10 but I was able to do so. However, I couldn’t leave my list at just 10 (who can) so I decided to put in a few honorable mentions that nearly cracked my top 10 as well. With Oscar bait season upon us let’s see how my list holds up by the end of the year.


Gravity: Director Alfonso Cuaron (‘nough said) + Sandra Bullock (‘nough said) + an ORIGINAL space thriller (hooked yet?) + the best use of 3D in sometime (at least since last year’s Life of Pi) = INSTANT CLASSIC … There is so much more to say about this brilliant film that had me hooked from the beginning with the captivating camera movement, eye-popping visuals, and use of the screen, not even getting to the story itself which is amazing as well, that I would need write it’s on blog post on it (which I might do). I am extremely excited about this film which also has my favorite image from 2013 (and probably ever) in it as well. I have read the phrase “this generation’s 2001: A Space Odyssey” being thrown around in certain circles and I have to say that I believe them.
Fruitvale Station: You can see my review of the film here so you can know my thoughts and how much I thoroughly enjoyed this story about injustice. It is such an emotional experience that pricks the heart of all those who have felt the use of injustice in this country. It could not have been released at a better time either with the ruling and acquittal of George Zimmerman in the case of another child/young man murdered because of profiling.
Before Midnight: This series is truly one of the best love stories I have ever experienced in my young life on film. The first film, Before Sunrise, tells the story of how love actually comes about. It felt like a real people who meet and on the spur of the moment decide to spend the day together falling for each other in the process. Before Sunset, the second film and my favorite of the three, and Before Midnight have to deal with the same themes but in different ways. The themes are does true love ever fade, and if you have found your soul mate hold on to them and never let them go. This is a great series about love in three different stages of life and I believe that anyone can relate to these brilliantly written and acted films.
Blackfish: This film along with 2010’s Best Documentary Oscar Winner, The Cove, truly opened my eyes to the inhumane conditions that these whales and dolphins are in. I fell for the ruse that aquariums told me. These two films really made me think about how big corporations can spin a tragic story so that it doesn’t affect them in a negative light. Blackfish is one of the best documentaries I have seen and I would be shocked not to see it among the nominees for best documentary at the Academy Awards.
The Way Way Back: This year’s Perks of Being a Wallflower, about a boy who is trying to find out who he is and where he fits in his and a bit depressing world. Perks is a better film to me but The Way Way Back is a gem nonetheless. With great talent (the best role I have seen Sam Rockwell in) and a great story this coming of age story does stand out from the rest.
Mud: Tye Sheridan and Matthew McConaughey were awesome in this coming of age/thriller thing.
Man of Steel: My favorite Superman movie and my favorite superhero movie of the year.
Fast & Furious 6: This franchise just keeps getting more crazy, ridiculous, and awesome with each entry and I can’t wait for the next one.
Lee Daniel’s The Butler: The Butler as a film is great; the script is great, directing is great, and Oprah and Forest Whitaker are great (as usual). However, what the film says to me is that Black people had no say in their equal rights campaign. With everything that they tried whether it peaceful or volatile it was up to white Presidents and white officials to give it to us and the film suggests that even this was a ploy to get what they want. That may very well have been the case but it is just disheartening to have it be that way and to relive it on screen doesn’t help.

Monsters University: This film could have gone one of two ways: the brilliance of Toy Story or the disaster of Cars. I am truly happy that this was a great follow-up (sort of) to the now classic Monsters Inc. albeit it was no Toy Story 2 or 3 but a win nonetheless. It gives me hope that Finding Dory will be a success as well.

Honorable Mentions: This is the End, The Conjuring, The Place Beyond the Pines, The Purge, Prisoners, Star Trek into Darkness

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