Sunday, August 12

Breaking Bad: Summer TV's Saving Grace?

Before this summer started I found myself having high hopes for it when it came to entertainment. The films, headlined by The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, were brilliant. However, summer television is where I have a problem. Summer is nearing it's end and I am feeling underwhelmed by the shows that I watch.

My expectations for this summer were not overtly high by any means. I understand that it is summer and many people are out doing things, but I could always depend on their being a few shows to help me get through the few (a little more than a few) summer days where I feel lazy and want to stay in.
True Blood is really hit or miss and although this season is much better than the previous season it seems that this season has reached a stand still where nothing really happens and the characters are in the same predicament they were in three episodes prior. Newsroom, a show I had high expectations for with the pedigree of HBO and Aaron Sorkin behind it, started great and continues to be good but not as good as I expected/wanted it to be. Then there are the guilty pleasure/reliable shows that are not exceptionally good but continue to draw me in, such as the USA shows (White Collar, Covert Affairs, and Suits) and TNT's Falling Skies. They are fine shows but not the type of shows that both draw me in and keep me talking a bout it till the next episode. There is only one show that keeps me glued to my TV for an hour and ignore all of my bodily functions until it is over and that is Breaking Bad.
Breaking Bad is a creepily engaging drama that makes me feel evil for rooting for the main character. The show has changed from the time when Walt was doing whatever he could to keep his family safe to Walt becoming the danger. The acting is phenomenal. Bryan Cranston has erased all shades of the dad he was in Malcolm in the Middle and he does it exceptionally. I have no idea how season 5 is going to end and I am happy that it doesn't happen for a while because the journey to that point is going to be amazing
Clearly I am hooked on this show and have been since it first aired. I am amazed at how well the show has kept my attention and continues to be in my top 5 shows.
Thank you Breaking Bad for making Summer TV worthwhile.

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