Monday, November 5

'Once Upon a Time' : Tallahassee (Review)

Last night's episode of Once Upon a Time gave us a lot of back story on how Emma became so rigid and can't trust people, or as I am deciding to call it "Pinocchio ruins Emma's life." The main culprit in shaping Emma into the pessimistic, tough as nails chick we see today is none other than Pinocchio, also known as August. At first I was a defender of Pinocchio.
When he left Emma as a baby in the home for children I thought too much pressure was put on him to be responsible. He was only a child himself and now you ask him to be a guardian? It was understandable that he would fall into temptation and want to be a real boy ( I had to do it). However, it is because of his decision that Emma became the kind of girl that would steal cars and fall for men who would bring her even deeper down a criminal lifestyle as a consequence.
However, Pinocchio/August now grown decides now that it is time for him to step up and take responsibility for his mistake. He searches for Emma for 2 years and when he finally finds her he doesn't like what he sees; a woman helping her criminal boyfriend escape to Canada by getting the watches he had stolen from a jewelry store he worked for in Phoenix a while ago. When Emma's boyfriend - played by Michael Raymond James (True Blood, Terriers) - goes to take care of an errand with the watches and leaves Emma to wait for him, August decides to confront him and tell him why he should leave Emma be. He show's the boyfriend (I keep calling him the boyfriend because we never learn his name. Weird?) something in his briefcase that he had his typewriter in when we first met him - doubtful that the typewriter is what August showed him though - and tells him the tale of how Emma is the savior of his world. He convinces the boyfriend to leave for Canada without Emma, but not before leaving a tip with the local Tallahassee police department that Emma got the watches that the boyfriend stashed in a locker.  Emma has to do 11 months and, oh, she is also pregnant with Henry.
Now here is where I cannot get behind August's decision. He decides to fix his mistake by ruining Emma's life even more  In the process of getting Emma back on track he took whatever was left that was good in her life away: Her ability to love, let someone in her life, and Henry. Emma can't bear to look at the child they created let alone care for him - being a felon and all. It is no wonder that it took her so long to see the truth about Storybrooke. Pinocchio crushed Emma and didn't bother to help pick up the pieces. She had to do that all on her own and what was left to put herself back together with but pain and loneliness. August said he was her guardian angel but he is one angel Emma could have done without.
In other news back in the present: Emma climbed up the beanstalk with Hook and found the compass, but not before sparring with a giant (Jorge Garcia - Lost, Alcatraz). Emma connects with the giant because they both know what it is like to be alone and the giant lets her leave with the compass. She decides to leave Hook behind because she can't trust him (another product of Pinocchio's brilliant plot), but it is probably for the best.
Also, Aurora and Henry are having the same nightmares about being stuck in a room with no windows or doors, the curtains are on fire, and there is someone in the room looking at them as well. We don't know what this means but I'm sure we will find out soon and it doesn't sound good at all.

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