Sunday, December 2

'Nashville': A Different Type of Role Model?

Nashville brings a character to network tv with morals forgotten on television of late. The character, Sean Butler, has been on the show for a few episodes now and has been used as a love interest for the misunderstood bad girl, Juliette Barnes.
Sean Butler, played by Tilky Jones, is a star rookie quarterback in the NFL, and is set up on a date with Juliette by their publicist to help Juliette become better liked in the media after her scandal a la Winona Ryder style. What made Sean such a great choice is his pristine lifestyle and his popularity. He doesn't drink, do drugs, or party all night. Not to say he is prude; he just has priorities which is to keep his starting position on the football team. Neither Juliette or Sean really liked each other from the beginning. Especially Juliette who considered Sean to be boring. But once they gave each other a chance sparks began to fly.
What makes Sean a role model that we do not see much on tv is because of his stance on sex outside of marriage. We learned in last Wednesday's episode that Sean is not into casual sex. He wants to be married to the woman he loves in the confines of marriage before he becomes that intimate with someone, which is something to be admired. Juliette sees this as a rejection and that is something she did not want to be in that moment so she threw him out. Later in the episode Sean explains himself further to Juliette and let her understand that she is worth waiting for which is not something Juliette is use to hearing. I like the way this relationship is going and I think America needs to see a little change in what we watch.
The media and television is telling young people that it is okay to have sex outside of marriage. Some media outlets even go as far as to say that if your not having sex then you are not cool. That may be fine for you if that is what you believe but shouldn't we be seeing the alternative as well. When young people are bombarded with just one thing, and at such an impressionable age, then that is what they are going to do - I call this media peer pressure. There is more than just one thing out there that people are doing. There should be characters on television that have this way of thinking so that young people can see it and understand that there is other ways of life. Help them make the choice that is right for them.
Some people may say that their parents should talk to them and teach them of this but let's be honest what kid is going to listen to their parents 100% when they have celebrities and television that they look up to and learn from telling them that this is the way? I admire the team behind Nashville and ABC for finally bringing audiences a different kind of role model.
Nashville airs on ABC Wednesday nights at 10.

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