Thursday, February 14

Review: 21 and Over

A good, yet ironic, tag line for this flick would be "Drink Responsibly."

From the writers of The Hangover we get a night of raunchy debauchery built for the college kid in all of us. Unlike The Hangover the audience experiences ever ridiculously disgusting event as it happens. This movie covers all of the basis of what everyone thinks college or turning 21 is like. To an extent Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (writers and first time directors) get it right. Of course a lot of it is exaggerated but it is a movie after all and as a viewer we want to be entertained. So, to please everyone there is a little bit for everyone to relate to especially coming down to the characters.
The story revolves around three best friends who went to different colleges come together to celebrate the last one to turn 21's birthday one night and everything starts to go awry

The film stars Miles Teller, from Project X and the 2013 Sundance hit The Spectacular Now, as a party animal who has all the potential to be successful but no motivation, Skylar Astin, from Pitch Perfect, as a driven Stanford student who is so ready to start his life has kind of forgot how to live, and Justin Chon, from The Twilight Saga, as a Birthday Boy who is cracking under the pressure of his over-bearing father.
At its core 21 & Over is a film about friendship: its ups and downs and its clinging onto past memories when truly you have just grown a part which I think everyone can relate to. And if that doesn't appeal to you well there is definitely a lot of raunchy debauchery that you would definitely expect from the writers of The Hangover.
21 & Over opens nationwide this Friday, March 1st. Check out the trailer below:

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