Wednesday, April 24

Top 20 List of Shows: Where did 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Walking Dead land?

So, I have done the nearly impossible! It took me a while but I have accumulated all of the TV shows that I am currently invested in watching or watch when new seasons begin and also narrowed down my top 20.
Many of my friends and family ask me what are my top 10 shows and what are all the shows I watch and I could not tell them, but now I can. It was a bit painful to decide at times where to place certain shows because I like them equally but I weighed the pros and cons of each and maybe a little eeny, meeny, miny, moe to finally get things in order. Other times it was super easy to place shows. My top 5 ironically were the easiest shows to place because I love them the most and gush about them often to my friends. I’m sure some of them find it sickening but that is just the way I am. When I truly love something I need to let people know. Everything after the 20th show is in no particular show. They are ordered in the way that I remember that I watch them.
All of the shows that I watch I love for particular reasons. I don’t just watch them because they are on. I am invested in the show and I care about the characters and what happens next on the show. Some shows that are not in my top 20 used to be. They are not anymore either because I felt like other shows are superior (in my opinion) or they have lost some of the magic that I used to love about the show.
Also for the first time a Reality Competition Show has made my top 10. I never thought it would happen but there it is.
Finally if you are not watching any of these shows then you are missing out. All of these shows get my stamp of approval and that means a lot. If you didn’t know now you know
So here they are; my ultimate list of shows:

1.)    Game of Thrones (HBO) - obviously
2.)    Breaking Bad (AMC)
3.)    Shameless (SHOWTIME)
4.)    Scandal (ABC)
5.)    Parks and Recreation (NBC)
6.)    The Walking Dead (AMC)
7.)    The Voice (NBC)
8.)    Community (NBC)
9.)    Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
10.) House of Cards (NETFLIX)
11.) Modern Family (ABC)
12.) So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)
13.) Bates Motel  (A&E)
14.) Hannibal (NBC)
15.) Elementary (CBS)
16.) The Mindy Project (FOX)
17.) The Borgias (SHOWTIME)
18.) New Girl (FOX)
19.) Mad Men (AMC)
20.) Revolution (NBC)
21.) Homeland (SHOWTIME)
22.) How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
23.) The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
24.) Psych (USA)
25.) True Blood (HBO)
26.) Dexter (SHOWTIME)
27.) Supernatural (CW)
28.) Bones (FOX)
29.) Glee (FOX)
30.) Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)
31.) Vampire Diaries (CW)
32.) The Middle (ABC)
33.) Sons of Anarchy (FX)
34.) Vikings (HISTORY)
35.) Da Vinci’s Demons (STARZ)
36.) Veep (HBO)
37.) Suburgatory (ABC)
38.) Nashville (ABC)
39.) Revenge (ABC)
40.) Once Upon a Time (ABC)
41.) Arrow (CW)
42.) Defiance (SYFY)
43.) Hemlock Grove  (NETFLIX)
44.) The Good Wife (CBS)
45.) Doctor Who (BBC AMERICA)
46.) Misfits (HULU, BBC AMERICA)
47.) The Following (FOX)
48.) The New Normal (NBC)
49.) The Newsroom (HBO)
50.) Smash (NBC)

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